The Detroit to Dakar Initiative

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Coordination for D2D is facilitated by Priority Africa Network in Oakland, CA and the ongoing meetings of the D2D partners have identified the following themes under which workshops and activities are planned:

* Global economic crisis – impact & responses from our communities from Detroit to Dakar

* Global climate crisis – solutions and alternatives from Detroit to Dakar

* HIV/AIDS and other health challenges – leadership from those living with the disease

* Militarism and our communities – from AFRICOM to Police brutality

* Migration – root causes of migration & impact on our families and communities

* Democracy and Governance

* Media

* Food, Water Rights, Land Rights and local economies

* Women, Power, and Politics

* Celebrating our culture – films, poems, music, theater for social change

TransAfrica Forum is organizing a information table and two workshops during the Forum: a) Cuba, Venezuela, and Colombia: Afro-descendants and the Struggle for Racial Justice and Economic Equality; and b) The Battle for Haiti: Reconstruction or Re-colonization? Click here for details.

A select group of organizations is helping to move this important effort forward:

U.S-based groups: Africa Action, African Services Committee, American Friends Service Committee, Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, California Newsreel, Food First, Inst. for Policy Studies/Foreign Policy in Focus, Friends of the Congo, Global Fund for Women, Health Global Access Project, International Development Exchange, International Labor Rights Forum, Jubilee USA, Justice In Nigeria Now, National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights, Priority Africa Network, TransAfrica Forum, United African Organization, USA for Africa, and United Methodist Women.

Africa-based groups: Women Development & Resource Center, Nigeria, Due Process and e-Governance Bureau, Nigeria; Sahara Reporters, Nigeria; Reseau des femmes pour le developpement durable en Afrique, Senegal; Fahamu – Network for Social Justice, Senegal; Institute for Research and the Promotion of Alternatives in Development, Mali; Abahlali baseMjondolo, South Africa; Institute for Security Studies, South Africa; Biowatch, South Africa; Gender & Trade Network, South Africa; ZIMCODD – Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development, Zimbabwe; Lungujja Community Health Caring Organization, Uganda; and Groots, Kenya.

Participating Organizations

Africa Action
Africa Faith & Justice Network
African Services Committee
Forum for African Associations
American Friends Service Committee
Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
California Newsreel
Food First
Inst. for Policy Studies/Foreign Policy in Focus
Friends of the Congo
Global Exchannge
Global Fund for Women
Health Global Access Project
International Development Exchange
International Labor Rights Forum
Jubilee USA
Justice In Nigeria Now
Nat. Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights
Priority Africa Network
Save Africa’s Children
Transafrica Forum
United African Organization
USA for Africa
United Methodist Women

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